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Update MSVC project files to work with new gtest bundling strategy.
Update bundled gtest to latest version (1.3.0) and include it as a shouldn't fail if protoc path contains whitespace.
Update to latest version, so it works with Python 2.6.
Improve performance of Python serialization. Patch from Will Pierce.
Fix initialization ordering problem in logging code. Based on patch from Wink Saville.
Generate field number constants. Patch from Michael Poole.
Commit Michael Poole's patch for explicitly constructing all class fields in
Commit Brian Olson's gzip stream implementations.
Adds a flag to protoc called --error_format which specifies what
Update benchmark data.
Added copyright notice, made constants constant, added GC call before each test.
Initial benchmarking.
Submit files missing from previous submit.
Push out changes from internal codebase.
Adding slicing support for repeated scalar fields and get/delete slice for composite fields.
Update trunk version to 2.0.4-SNAPSHOT.
Set version number in 2.0.3 release branch.
Tag release 2.0.3.
Submit script used to post-process dist files.
Set version number in 2.0.3rc2 release branch.
Tag 2.0.3rc2.
Support "Solaris 10 using recent Sun Studio".
Add full-system test for custom enum value options. (Previously, only a
* Avoid using pushd/popd in because they are
Fix call to superclass.__init__() to work on newer versions of Python.
* Update version compatibility stuff -- 2.0.3 is in no way compatible with
Tag release 2.0.3rc1.
Update CHANGES.txt with stuff from 2.0.3.
Integrate changes from internal code.
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