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 The Protocol Buffers build is managed using Maven.  If you would
-rather build without Maven, see the next section.
+rather build without Maven, see below.
 1) Install Apache Maven if you don't have it:
      $ mvn package
    The .jar will be placed in the "target" directory.
+Installation - 'Lite' Version - With Maven
+Building the 'lite' version of the Java Protocol Buffers library is
+the same as building the full version, except that all commands are
+run using the 'lite' profile.  (see
+E.g. to install the lite version of the jar, you would run:
+  $ mvn install -P lite
+The resulting artifact has the 'lite' classifier.  To reference it
+for dependency resolution, you would specify it as:
+  <dependency>
+    <groupId></groupId>
+    <artifactId>protobuf-java</artifactId>
+    <version>${version}</version>
+    <classifier>lite</classifier>
+  </dependency>
 Installation - Without Maven