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Set version 2.2.0rc3 (again).
Update gtest to r292 to get needed fix.
Set version number in 2.2.0rc3 branch.
Tag 2.2.0rc3. Yes, rc3. Sigh.
Oops, unittest_enormous_descriptor.proto still needs to be in the dist.
Don't build unittest_enormous_decsriptor.proto in C++ because it's very slow on older GCCs. This file was meant for testing Java anyway.
Hack to make gtest sub-package compile correctly on Sun Studio.
Fix MSVC projects to ensure that protoc is built before lite-test attempts to use it and that lite-test and tests don't attempt to generate the same .pb.* files at the same time.
Update gtest to r291 so it works on sun studio.
Make tests compile on Sun Studio. Patch from Monty Taylor.
Experimental alternative build definition.
set version number in 2.2.0rc2 branch (take two)
Tag 2.2.0rc2 (take two).
Remove more of the stuff that was supposed to be removed in r190.
set version number in 2.2.0rc2 branch
Tag 2.2.0rc2.
doc comment tweaks
Silence pedantic warning about unused parameter.
Remove semi-broken Java thread-local builder freelist 'optimization'. Maybe bring back later in optional form.
Gigantic descriptors shouldn't overflow the Java string literal size limit.
Update version number in release branch.
2.2.0rc1 release branch.
Update version number to 2.2.0-pre.
Make sure GeneratedMessageFactory is deleted on shutdown.
Improve Sun Studio support. Patch from Monty Taylor.
add lite profile docs in the README
Ensure that only the lite tests are run, even if all tests have been compiled
This fixes some issues with the lite profile for the java build in which the lite jar contained the full binary.
Update the pom to support the 'lite' profile.
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