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Update CHANGES.txt with stuff from 2.0.3.
Integrate changes from internal code.
Support HP C++ on Tru64.
Fix bugs in zero_copy_stream_impl.
Only build tests when running "make check", not "make".
Fixed alignment issue that caused bus errors on platforms like sparc which
Simplify some template usage so that older compilers can handle it. (Users
Work around GCC 4.3.0 x86_64 compiler bug (seen on Fedora 9).
Update MSVC installation instructions for static linking change.
Avoid an "unused parameter" warning when using high warning levels.
Update version number to 2.0.3-SNAPSHOT.
Make Python example output identical to C++ and Java by removing redundant
Set version to 2.0.2 in release branch.
Tag release 2.0.2 (take 2).
Oops, wrong name.
Tag release 2.0.2.
* Fixed template specialization syntax that MSVC 2005 didn't like. Not sure if
Improvements to from Jeff Bailey.
Pass -Wall,no-obsolete to autoreconf.
Added clarification to license that generated code is owned by the owner of the
Update version number in 2.0.2rc1 release branch.
Tagged release candidate 2.0.2rc1.
* Fix build on MSVC.
Add file missing from rev 50.
Integrate changes from internal Google-internal branch.
Add file that was mysteriously missing from SVN tree.
Explicitly identify superclass in initializer lists for generated message
Work around absence of hash_map.
Add @Override annotation to generated Java code where appropriate.
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