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Final minor changes to docs and version strings for 0.6.1

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-Version 0.6.1-devel
+Version 0.6.1
+    One minor change to watch out for is that low-level errors
+    such as a closed connection now appear as IOExceptions
+    instead of
+        TypeError: 'NoneType' object is not iterable
+    which never really explained anything.
     Fix potential problem with library getting stuck in a loop
     if the peer closed the socket.  Also, break a few more references
     managers for 'with' statements (available in Python >= 2.5), so you
     can write code like:
-        with conn as Connection():
-            with ch as
+        with Connection() as conn:
+            with as ch:
                 # do stuff with ch and conn
     and have the Channel and Connection objects closed automatically


     'library': 'Python amqplib',
-    'library_version': '0.6.1-devel',
+    'library_version': '0.6.1',
 AMQP_LOGGER = logging.getLogger('amqplib')
 setup(name = "amqplib",
       description = "AMQP Client Library",
-      version = "0.6.1-devel",
+      version = "0.6.1",
       license = "LGPL",
       author = "Barry Pederson",
       author_email = "",
-      url = "",
+      url = "",
       packages = ['amqplib', 'amqplib.client_0_8']
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