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Andrew Godwin  committed 018d493

Oh look, MySQL doesn't do defaults properly. HOW SURPRISING.

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File south/db/generic.py

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     supports_foreign_keys = True
     has_check_constraints = True
     has_booleans = True
+    raises_default_errors = True
     def has_ddl_transactions(self):

File south/db/mysql.py

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     allows_combined_alters = False
     has_check_constraints = False
+    raises_default_errors = False
     geom_types = ['geometry', 'point', 'linestring', 'polygon']
     text_types = ['text', 'blob']

File south/tests/db.py

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 import datetime
+from warnings import filterwarnings
 from south.db import db, generic
 from django.db import connection, models, IntegrityError as DjangoIntegrityError
     def setUp(self):
         db.debug = False
+        try:
+            import MySQLdb
+        except ImportError:
+            pass
+        else:
+            filterwarnings('ignore', category=MySQLdb.Warning)
             self.fail("Non-existent table could be selected!")
+    @skipUnless(db.raises_default_errors, 'This database does not raise errors on missing defaults.')
     def test_create_default(self):
         Test creation of tables, make sure defaults are not left in the database
         after = text_type(after) # Oracle text fields return a sort of lazy string -- force evaluation
         self.assertEqual(value, after, "Change from char to text altered value [ %r != %r ]" % (value, after))
+    @skipUnless(db.raises_default_errors, 'This database does not raise errors on missing defaults.')
     def test_datetime_default(self):
         Test that defaults are correctly not created for datetime columns