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 If you want to view the old docs (for example, if you need something that was
 only in 0.6) they're `still available <>`_.
+For initial help with problems, see our `mailing list <>`_, or `#django-south <irc://>`_ on `freenode <>`_. If you find a real bug, then `file a new ticket <>`_.


+South's current release is :ref:`0.7 RC1 <0-7-release-notes>`.
 There are a few different ways to install South:
  - :ref:`Using easy_install <installation-easy-install>` (or pip), which is recommended if you want stable releases.
 Some Linux distributions are also starting to include South in their package
 repositories; if you're running unstable Debian you can
 ``apt-get install python-django-south``, and on new Fedoras you can use
-``yum install Django-south``.
+``yum install Django-south``. Note that this may give you an older version - 
+check the version before using the packages.
 .. _installation-easy-install:


+.. _0-7-release-notes:
 South 0.7