Simon Law committed 2975407

Push more logic into Migrations.guess_migration

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     if verbosity:
         print "Running migrations for %s:" % app_name
     # Guess the target_name
-    if target_name not in ["zero", None]:
-        target = migrations.guess_migration(target_name)
-        if != target_name:
-            if verbosity:
-                print " - Soft matched migration %s to %s." % (target_name,
-            target_name =
+    target = migrations.guess_migration(target_name)
+    if verbosity and \
+       target_name not in ('zero', None) and \
+ != target_name:
+        print " - Soft matched migration %s to %s." % (target_name,
+        target_name =
     # Get the forwards and reverse dependencies for this target
     forwards = []
     backwards = []


             return self.migration(value)
         return super(_Migrations, self).__getitem__(value)
-    def guess_migration(self, prefix):
+    def _guess_migration(self, prefix):
         prefix = Migration.strip_filename(prefix)
         matches = [m for m in self if]
         if len(matches) == 1:
             raise exceptions.UnknownMigration(prefix, None)
+    def guess_migration(self, target_name):
+        if target_name == 'zero' or not self:
+            return
+        elif target_name is None:
+            return self[-1]
+        else:
+            return self._guess_migration(prefix=target_name)
     def app_name(self):
         return get_app_name(self._migrations)
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