Kris Kumler committed 2cf08fc

Removing extraneous create_table

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         self._reverse_cache = {}
         super(DatabaseOperations, self).__init__(db_alias)
         if self._has_setting('STORAGE_ENGINE') and self._get_setting('STORAGE_ENGINE'):
-            self.create_table_sql += ' ENGINE=%s' % self._get_setting('STORAGE_ENGINE')
+            self.create_table_sql = self.create_table_sql + ' ENGINE=%s' % self._get_setting('STORAGE_ENGINE')
     def _is_valid_cache(self, db_name, table_name):
         cache = self._constraint_cache
         super(DatabaseOperations, self).delete_column(table_name, name)
-    def create_table(self, table_name, fields):
-        super(DatabaseOperations, self).create_table(table_name, fields)
-    @invalidate_table_constraints
     def rename_table(self, old_table_name, table_name):
         super(DatabaseOperations, self).rename_table(old_table_name,
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