Andrew Godwin committed 491513c

Remove the auth contenttypes thing for now, needs improvement

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 ran_migration = Signal(providing_args=["app","migration","method"])
 # Compatibility code for django.contrib.auth
-if 'django.contrib.auth' in settings.INSTALLED_APPS:
-    def create_permissions_compat(app, **kwargs):
-        from django.db.models import get_app
-        from import create_permissions
-        create_permissions(get_app(app), (), 0)
-    post_migrate.connect(create_permissions_compat)
+# Is causing strange errors, removing for now (we might need to fix up orm first)
+#if 'django.contrib.auth' in settings.INSTALLED_APPS:
+    #def create_permissions_compat(app, **kwargs):
+        #from django.db.models import get_app
+        #from import create_permissions
+        #create_permissions(get_app(app), (), 0)
+    #post_migrate.connect(create_permissions_compat)
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