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Fixed for Oracle with Django 1.5

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File south/db/oracle.py

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 from django.db.backends.util import truncate_name
 from django.core.management.color import no_style
 from django.db.models.fields import NOT_PROVIDED
+from django.db.models import CharField, TextField
 from django.db.utils import DatabaseError
 # In revision r16016 function get_sequence_name has been transformed into
             'nullity': 'NOT NULL',
             'default': 'NULL'
-        if field.null:
+        if field.null or (isinstance(field, (CharField,TextField)) and field.empty_strings_allowed):
             params['nullity'] = 'NULL'
         sql_templates = [
-            (self.alter_string_set_type, params),
-            (self.alter_string_set_default, params),
+            (self.alter_string_set_type, params, []),
+            (self.alter_string_set_default, params, []),
         if not field.null and field.has_default():
             # Use default for rows that had nulls. To support the case where
                 return p
             sql_templates[:0] = [
-                (self.alter_string_set_type, change_params(nullity='NULL')),
-                (self.alter_string_update_nulls_to_default, change_params(default=self._default_value_workaround(field.get_default()))),
+                (self.alter_string_set_type, change_params(nullity='NULL'),[]),
+                (self.alter_string_update_nulls_to_default, change_params(default="%s"), [field.get_default()]),
                 'constraint': self.quote_name(constraint),
-        for sql_template, params in sql_templates:
+        for sql_template, params, args in sql_templates:
-                self.execute(sql_template % params, print_all_errors=False)
+                self.execute(sql_template % params, args, print_all_errors=False)
             except DatabaseError as exc:
                 description = str(exc)
                 # Oracle complains if a column is already NULL/NOT NULL
         renamed = self._generate_temp_name(name)
         self.rename_column(table_name, name, renamed)
+        if isinstance(field, TextField):
+            field.null = True # not-null not supported on LOBs
         self.add_column(table_name, name, field, keep_default=False)
         self.execute("UPDATE %s set %s=%s" % (

File south/tests/db.py

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         if 'oracle' in db.backend_name:
             # Oracle special treatment -- nulls are always allowed in char columns, so 
             # inserting doesn't raise an integrity error; so we check again as above
+            db.execute("DELETE FROM test_altercd")
             db.execute("INSERT INTO test_altercd (eggs) values (12)")
             null = db.execute("SELECT spam FROM test_altercd")[0][0]
             self.assertFalse(null, "Default for char field was installed into database")