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Make sure `delete_foreign_key` also works with recursive relationships

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     def has_ddl_transactions(self):
-        "Tests the database using feature detection to see if it has DDL transactional support"
+        """
+        Tests the database using feature detection to see if it has
+        transactional DDL support.
+        """
         connection = self._get_connection()
         if hasattr(connection.features, "confirm") and not connection.features._confirmed:
     def delete_foreign_key(self, table_name, column):
-        "Drop a foreign key constraint"
+        """
+        Drop a foreign key constraint
+        """
         if self.dry_run:
             if self.debug:
                 print '   - no dry run output for delete_foreign_key() due to dynamic DDL, sorry'
     drop_foreign_key = alias('delete_foreign_key')
     def _find_foreign_constraints(self, table_name, column_name=None):
-        return list(self._constraints_affecting_columns(
-                    table_name, [column_name], "FOREIGN KEY"))
+        constraints = self._constraints_affecting_columns(
+                            table_name, [column_name], "FOREIGN KEY")
+        primary_key_columns = self._find_primary_key_columns(table_name)
+        if len(primary_key_columns) > 1:
+            # Composite primary keys cannot be referenced by a foreign key
+            return list(constraints)
+        else:
+            primary_key_columns.add(column_name)
+            recursive_constraints = set(self._constraints_affecting_columns(
+                                table_name, primary_key_columns, "FOREIGN KEY"))
+            return list(recursive_constraints.union(constraints))
     def _digest(self, *args):
             "columns": ", ".join(map(self.quote_name, columns)),
+    def _find_primary_key_columns(self, table_name):
+        """
+        Find all columns of the primary key of the specified table
+        """
+        db_name = self._get_setting('NAME')
+        primary_key_columns = set()
+        for col, constraints in self.lookup_constraint(db_name, table_name):
+            for kind, cname in constraints:
+                if kind == 'PRIMARY KEY':
+                    primary_key_columns.add(col.lower())
+        return primary_key_columns
     def start_transaction(self):
         Makes sure the following commands are inside a transaction.
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