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Fix #448 (incorrect contents of app template cache)

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File south/management/commands/

 from django.core import management
 from django.conf import settings
+# Make sure the template loader cache is fixed _now_ (#448)
+import django.template.loaders.app_directories
 from import Command as SyncCommand
 class MigrateAndSyncCommand(SyncCommand):
     """Used for situations where "syncdb" is called by test frameworks."""
     option_list = copy.deepcopy(SyncCommand.option_list)
     for opt in option_list:
         if "--migrate" == opt.get_opt_string():
             opt.default = True
 def patch_for_test_db_setup():
+    # Load the commands cache
+    # Repoint to the correct version of syncdb
     if hasattr(settings, "SOUTH_TESTS_MIGRATE") and not settings.SOUTH_TESTS_MIGRATE:
         # point at the core syncdb command when creating tests
         # tests should always be up to date with the most recent model structure