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Shai Berger  committed 8454d8e

Make the handling of null-issues on backward-transactions more friendly
by generating the code for the field change together with the code
that raises the exception when user chooses that option.
The migration still needs to be edited, but more of the code that should
end in it is already there.

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     A field that might need to ask a question about rogue NULL values.
-    allow_third_null_option = False
+    issue_with_backward_migration = False
     irreversible = False
         # User chose to not deal with backwards NULL issues for '%(model_name)s.%(field_name)s'
-        raise RuntimeError("Cannot reverse this migration. '%(model_name)s.%(field_name)s' and its values cannot be restored.")'''
+        raise RuntimeError("Cannot reverse this migration. '%(model_name)s.%(field_name)s' and its values cannot be restored.")
+        # The following code is provided here to aid in writing a correct migration'''
     def deal_with_not_null_no_default(self, field, field_def):
         # If it's a CharField or TextField that's blank, skip this step.
         print(" ? Since you are %s, you MUST specify a default" % self.null_reason)
         print(" ? value to use for existing rows. Would you like to:")
-        print(" ?  1. Quit now, and add a default to the field in models.py")
+        print(" ?  1. Quit now"+("." if self.issue_with_backward_migration else ", and add a default to the field in models.py" ))
         print(" ?  2. Specify a one-off value to use for existing columns now")
-        if self.allow_third_null_option:
-            print(" ?  3. Disable the backwards migration by raising an exception.")
+        if self.issue_with_backward_migration:
+            print(" ?  3. Disable the backwards migration by raising an exception; you can edit the migration to fix it later")
         while True:
             choice = raw_input(" ? Please select a choice: ")
             if choice == "1":
             elif choice == "2":
-            elif choice == "3" and self.allow_third_null_option:
+            elif choice == "3" and self.issue_with_backward_migration:
                 print(" ! Invalid choice.")
     null_reason = "removing this field"
-    allow_third_null_option = True
+    issue_with_backward_migration = True
     def console_line(self):
         "Returns the string to print on the console, e.g. ' + Added field foo'"
         if not self.irreversible:
             return AddField.forwards_code(self)
-            return self.irreversable_code(self.field)
+            return self.irreversable_code(self.field) + AddField.forwards_code(self)
 class ChangeField(Action, _NullIssuesField):
             self.deal_with_not_null_no_default(self.new_field, self.new_def)
         if not self.old_field.null and self.new_field.null and not old_default:
             self.null_reason = "making this field nullable"
-            self.allow_third_null_option = True
+            self.issue_with_backward_migration = True
             self.deal_with_not_null_no_default(self.old_field, self.old_def)
     def console_line(self):
         return self._code(self.old_field, self.new_field, self.new_def)
     def backwards_code(self):
+        change_code = self._code(self.new_field, self.old_field, self.old_def)
         if not self.irreversible:
-            return self._code(self.new_field, self.old_field, self.old_def)
+            return change_code
-            return self.irreversable_code(self.old_field)
+            return self.irreversable_code(self.old_field) + change_code
 class AddUnique(Action):