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  - ``--no-initial-data``: Doesn't load in any initial data fixtures after a
    full upwards migration, if there are any.
  - ``--fake``: Records the migration sequence as having been applied, but
-   doesn't actually run it. Useful for ConvertingAnApp.
+   doesn't actually run it. Useful for :ref:`converting-an-app`.
  - ``--db-dry-run``: Loads and runs the migration, but doesn't actually
    access the database (the SQL generated is thrown away at the last minute).
    The migration is also not recorded as being run; this is useful for
  - ``--all``: Makes syncdb operate on all apps, not just unmigrated ones.
+An alias command that both creates an initial migration for an app and then
+fake-applies it. Takes one argument, the app label of the app to convert::
+ ./ convert_to_south myapp
+There's more documentation on how to use this in the :ref:`converting-an-app`


 With that, our new column is created; again, go and check, you'll be able to
 add Knights who can dance whenever they're able.
+Converting existing apps
+Sometimes, especially when introducting South into a project, you will want
+to use it for existing apps - ones for which the tables have already been created.
+This is different from adding migrations to an all-new app, and you should
+see the :ref:`converting-an-app` page for more information on how to do it.
 Once you're happy with this basic usage of South, move on to
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