Andrew Godwin committed b66bae4

Fix whitespace issues in blank migration files

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         # So, what's in this file, then?
         file_contents = MIGRATION_TEMPLATE % {
-            "forwards": "\n".join(forwards_actions or ["pass"]), 
-            "backwards": "\n".join(backwards_actions or ["pass"]), 
+            "forwards": "\n".join(forwards_actions or ["        pass"]),
+            "backwards": "\n".join(backwards_actions or ["        pass"]),
             "frozen_models":  freezer.freeze_apps_to_string(apps_to_freeze),
             "complete_apps": apps_to_freeze and "complete_apps = [%s]" % (", ".join(map(repr, apps_to_freeze))) or ""
     def forwards(self, orm):
     def backwards(self, orm):
     models = %(frozen_models)s
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