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MSSQL: Create check constraints when altering columns to PositiveInteger types

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         except TypeError:
             return field.db_type()
+    def _alter_add_column_mods(self, field, name, params, sqls):
+        """
+        Subcommand of alter_column that modifies column definitions beyond
+        the type string -- e.g. adding constraints where they cannot be specified
+        as part of the type (overrideable)
+        """
+        pass
     def _alter_set_defaults(self, field, name, params, sqls): 
         "Subcommand of alter_column that sets default values (overrideable)"
         # Next, set any default
         if params["type"] is not None:
             sqls.append((self.alter_string_set_type % params, []))
+        # Add any field- and backend- specific modifications
+        self._alter_add_column_mods(field, name, params, sqls)
         # Next, nullity
         if field.null:
             sqls.append((self.alter_string_set_null % params, []))


     drop_constraint_string = 'ALTER TABLE %(table_name)s DROP CONSTRAINT %(constraint_name)s'
     delete_column_string = 'ALTER TABLE %s DROP COLUMN %s'
-    create_check_constraint_sql = "ALTER TABLE %(table)s ADD CONSTRAINT %(constraint)s CHECK (%(check)s)"
+    add_check_constraint_sql = "ADD CONSTRAINT %(constraint)s CHECK (%(check)s)"
+    create_check_constraint_sql = "ALTER TABLE %(table)s " + add_check_constraint_sql 
     create_foreign_key_sql = "ALTER TABLE %(table)s ADD CONSTRAINT %(constraint)s " + \
                              "FOREIGN KEY (%(column)s) REFERENCES %(target)s"
     create_unique_sql = "ALTER TABLE %(table)s ADD CONSTRAINT %(constraint)s UNIQUE (%(columns)s)"
             return super_result.split(" ")[0]
         return super_result
+    def _alter_add_column_mods(self, field, name, params, sqls):
+        """
+        Subcommand of alter_column that modifies column definitions beyond
+        the type string. Here, we need to add constraints for the Positive
+        fields as such constraints cannot be included in the type in an
+        alter-table-alter-column command.
+        """
+        super(DatabaseOperations, self)._alter_add_column_mods(field, name, params, sqls)
+        if isinstance(field, (models.PositiveSmallIntegerField, models.PositiveIntegerField)):
+            uniq_hash = abs(hash(tuple(params.values()))) 
+            d = dict(
+                     constraint = "CK_%s_PSTV_%s" % (name, hex(uniq_hash)[2:]),
+                     check = "%s > 0" % self.quote_name(name))
+            sqls.append((self.add_check_constraint_sql % d, []))
     def delete_foreign_key(self, table_name, column):
         super(DatabaseOperations, self).delete_foreign_key(table_name, column)
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