Andrew Godwin avatar Andrew Godwin committed cf2413a

Remember if a model is a proxy model or not.

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     "db_tablespace": ["db_tablespace", {"default": settings.DEFAULT_TABLESPACE}],
     "unique_together": ["unique_together", {"default": []}],
     "ordering": ["ordering", {"default": []}],
+    "proxy": ["proxy", {"default": False, "ignore_missing": True}],
 # 2.4 compatability
     if options.get('is_value', False):
         value = attrname
-        value = get_attribute(field, attrname)
+        try:
+            value = get_attribute(field, attrname)
+        except AttributeError:
+            if options.get("ignore_missing", False):
+                raise IsDefault
+            else:
+                raise
     # Lazy-eval functions get eval'd.
     if isinstance(value, Promise):
         value = unicode(value)
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