Update mysql SET statement to address issue #1227

#136 Open

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  1. bobsilverberg

This addresses the problem as described at http://south.aeracode.org/ticket/1227. I encountered this when trying to run a migration.

This is my first time using South, so I'm not sure if this patch is sufficient, or if we need some conditional code around mysql versions.

Comments (3)

  1. Andrew Godwin repo owner

    Do you know what version the default_ prefix was introduced in? I presume a deprecation warning now means it arrived a while ago, as otherwise this is going to need some messy version-detecting code.

  2. Andrew Godwin repo owner

    Unfortunately not, I'd want to support 5.4 as well as I still know a few places that are on it. You'll have to change it to do a version query to the server, and then do some reasonably bulletproof version parsing to see which one it can send.