Fix Oracle long table name migrations

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  1. cmayor

This patch fixes Oracle migrations for table names > 30 characters. Django isn't consistent when it truncates object names to fit in Oracle's 30 char limit. Columns are converted to upper case before hashing but table names are not.

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  1. Shai Berger


    Does this fix actual problems for you, or is it just based on a reading of sources? Migrations work quite well on Oracle, including with long table names -- in my day job, I help develop a large Django project which has quite a few of those, managed by migrations.

    The truncation behavior you describe is inaccurate -- Django does convert table name to uppercase before hashing, when "main" tables are involved. The hashing on lowercase only happens for automatic many-to-many tables; South already takes care of this in the generation of migrations -- for such tables, it includes special name-truncation logic in the migration file.

    South's test-suite currently passes on Oracle, as far as I can see, from Django 1.4 to 1.6 (at least against Python 2.7). Can you demonstrate a problem with a test?