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Issue #15 new

Version bugs/enhancements

Michael Heyvaert
created an issue

I've encountered the following issues while trying to use the version auto increment:

  • the debian version detection doesn't work when there are multiple versions:

    debian = parcel.distro.Debian() print debian.version('my-package') 3.4.0~amplidata3 1.2.3~amplidata2

I would change this code to take the latest version unless a base version is specified with a new keyword argument base_version:

print debian.version('my-package', base_version='1.2.3') 1.2.3~amplidata2

  • parcel.versions.Version doesn't have the concept of an iteration (rpm release, debian debian_revision) so

    Version('1.2.3~amplidata').next() gives 1.2.4~amplidata

it would be nice to be able to override the default Version class, maybe have a specialized one for each os, handling the specific package number conventions. One could add a next_iteration method that increments the iteration or appends 0 to the result in case no iteration number is found.

I can implement both enhancements in a PR if these changes fit in the concept

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