django-diario-py3k / AUTHORS

Diário was created in late 2007 by Guilherme (semente). Following is a
(probably incomplete) list of its contributors:

  * Guilherme Gondim (semente) <semente at>. 
  * Henrique Romano <onaiort at>
  * Ricardo Fuentes <jirah.01 at>
  * Bruno Bord <bbord at>
  * Eric Moritz <eric.moritz at>
  * Andrews Medina <andrewsmedina at>
  * Marinho Brandão <marinho at>
  * J.P. Cummins <jpcummins at>
  * Michael Elsdörfer <elsdoerfer at>
  * Marcello Bontempo Salgueiro <mbsalgueiro at>
  * Ovidiu Pascut <ovidiup at>
  * David <birrafondaio at>
  * Rodrigo Bernardo Pimentel <tioerre at>
  * Andrei Mikhailenko <neithere at>
  * Patrick Hétu <patrick.hetu at>
  * Your Name Here  ;-)
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