Andrews Medina

Andrews Medina

Andrews Medina pushed 30 commits to andrewsmedina/numpypy

97fee6f - Merged in chrish42/pypy/stdlib-2.7.4 (pull request #181)
e9f522e - Remove unnecessary long method on W_root.
028723f - In string formatting, if conversion to a number with __int__() fails, we should retry with __long__(). Makes a new testcase introduced in Python 2.7.4 pass.
e4405b7 - issue1573: cursor description names should be plain strs
2822f8a - merge default
Andrews Medina

Andrews Medina pushed 302 commits to andrewsmedina/numpypy

56f39e6 - pypy doesn't support site-python, only site-packages. reapplied from default
417d1ef - Merged in kostialopuhin/pypy/py3k-list-compr-or (pull request #179)
cbf5e6f - comp_fix_unamed_tuple_location is always true, do not pass it
af7b588 - do not pass for_type, if_type, iter_type around - they are the same
41cf12c - remove @specialize.arg(2) after removing the argument