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 SQLAlchemy unit tests by default run using Python's built-in sqlite3 
 module.  If running on Python 2.4, pysqlite must be installed.
-As of 0.5.5, unit tests are run using nose.  Documentation and
+Unit tests are run using nose.  Note that in most cases,
+nose needs to be installed manually.  Documentation and
 downloads for nose are available at:
+Or using setuptools:
+    $ easy_install nose
 SQLAlchemy implements a nose plugin that must be present when tests are run.
 This plugin is available when SQLAlchemy is installed via setuptools.
-NB: You will need to manually install nose, it is unlikely to be pulled
-    down as a dependency of installing SQLAlchemy.
-    Nose can be installed with:
-    $ easy_install nose
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