MGTAXA JavaScript Plots-to-GeoMap application

This is a library and an example application for showing, in a Web browser page, a series of plots (such as bar charts) on a geographic map, with each plot shown at its own location.


Example code of a Web page in this repository mgt-chart-map.html shows taxonomic composition of nanoplankton at multiple sampling sites around the Baltic Sea. You can view the live page here. Recommended browsers are Firefox or Chrome. On the Map tab, you can zoom to make charts larger. You can also color the background of each chart according to the values of environmental variables (pull down menu at the left bottom corner).

How to use

The library is generic, and can show arbitrary tabular datasets as long as they have associated coordinates. There is a helper script tools/ for converting comma-separated value (CSV) files (such as those that can be exported from Microsoft Excel) into JSON format used internally by this JavaScript application.

Both original CSV and converted JSON files used in the example are stored under data. In order to use a different data file, you will need to edit the path inside TableMaps.prototype.initTabs function in js/mgt-chart-map.js.

To deploy the application, checkout the repository into a directory on your Web server (or a local directory), add your own converted JSON data files, edit the file names in TableMaps.prototype.initTabs and open mgt-chart-map.html (you can also rename that file) in a Web browser.


Andrey Tovchigrechko <andreyto AT> and Hyunsoo Daniel Kim


GPLv3. See also COPYING file that accompanies the source code.