Arkanoid: Space Ball

note: This is very old unsupported project. I just slightly refactor code to support recent Linux, macOS and Emscripten.

Arkanoid is still as fun now as it ever was. Whether on a big old arcade box or on your Mac, the game always manages to keep its fun and excitement. Arkanoid: Space Ball puts you in control of a little spaceship, with your goal being to destroy as many colored tiles as you can by hitting a ball back and forth. Arkanoid: Space Ball comes with plenty of bonuses and varying difficulty levels. The quality of the graphics and sound isn't amazing, and I have to admit I expected something a little better, at least to separate Arkanoid: Space Ball from other games of the same genre. Arkanoid: Space Ball comes with a level generator and editor, good for coming up with your own challenges, but most players will probably not matter with it.


Arkanoid: Space Ball Arkanoid: Space Ball Arkanoid: Space Ball

Download and build from sources

You can get a copy using git with the following command:

$ git clone
$ cd arkanoid-space-ball
$ make release # Linux or macOS
$ make emscripten # Web (Emscripten)


CMake, SDL, SDL-mixer, SDL-image

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