Road Fighter - remake of MSX game by Brain Games.

In 2003 the people from Retro Remakes organized a remake competition for the first time. The idea was to create a remake from scratch in a short amount of time. We decided to participate with a remake of the MSX game Road Fighter: a simple racing game that would be doable before the deadline and still be fun to play (oh the nostalgia!).

In the end we met the deadline (barely!) and sent in our entry. When finally the results came in, we finished 7th out the 83 entries. Not too bad for a 2 month project :)

Road Fighter at Brain Games


Road Fighter Road Fighter

The changes I made

  • Crashes fixed;
  • Linux, macOS and Web version;
  • Surface operations highly optimized;
  • Simple and stupid Asset system added;
  • Code refactored, source code and resources hierarchy fixed;
  • Move to C++11 standard;
  • Cmake as build system;


Name Description / Notes
CMake Cross-platform family of tools designed to build, test and package software.
SDL SDL v1.2
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