Thoth Viewer for Android

Quick Summary

Thoth Viewer is an Android client for Thoth (, a web app for teachers and students to manage their academic life: courses, work items, news, groups, etc. Thoth Viewer allows students to register in a set of course units from a specific semester, see couse unit web pages and workitems, register calendar entries for workitem due dates and get notifications of new workitems and news.

Technical Overview

Although Views were made simple, the course unit contents cover Android design with fragments. The app is asynchronous all the way - it uses Loaders, ContentProviders, Services, BroadcastReceivers - basicaly, some of the major building blocks of Android. Some code may come from previous iterations, when we had less Android knowledge :)


Thoth Viewer is made in ISEL (Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa) under the PDM (Mobile Devices Programming) course unit, 2013/2014 semester, taught by Eng. Pedro Félix and Eng. João Trindade. It's currently in version 0.2.0 and it's not actively maintained out of the course unit limits. We hope development can continue once we have more time in our hands :)

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device-2014-06-13-mainactivity-wframe.png device-2014-06-13-notifications-wframe.png device-2014-06-13-workitemsactivity-wframe.png device-2014-06-13-workitemactivity-wframe.png