I'm the labrat.

This is a separate take on Fabric, a project that could be considered 'What Fabric 3 should have been'. The aim is to combine the successful parts of 'Toolbox' and 'Fabric' into a pure gold project.

Planned Features

  • Low level
    • Focus on tools and graphical applications
    • Event driven application flow
    • Concurrency support via multiple LuaJIT VMs, called Worker Threads
    • Message passing as communication between Worker threads
    • Optional: Dedicated rendering thread using 'packet based rendering'
  • High level
    • OpenGL powered GUI system based on ideas from Blender
    • Optional: Native GUI support via Qt


Ideally Labrat should be linked statically with GLFW, but dynamically with LuaJIT, due to LuaJIT-FFI not working if built statically on Windows.


Make sure you have the latest dependencies, then build using bam like this: bam -r bcs