This repo is a collection of code and other files for BOOST 2014 MC studies of jet substructure. We're starting with a Rivet analysis intended to evolve into a standard BOOST routine for MC performance characterisation.

To build the analysis, install Rivet 2.2.1 or later and run this:

rivet-buildplugin -std=c++11

To enable QCD-aware jet flavour labelling, install the QCDAware FastJet plugin from the FastJet Contrib collection, and add -DQCDAWARE_LABELLING to the end of the command given above.

To run this analysis, e.g. with Pythia8 events via the Sacrifice interface, do this:

mkfifo fifo.hepmc
run-pythia -e 8000 -c HardQCD:all=on -c PhaseSpace:pThatMin=20 -n 200000 -o fifo.hepmc &
RIVET_ANALYSIS_PATH=$PWD rivet -a MC_BOOST2014 fifo.hepmc

To plot the resulting Rivet.yoda file, run this:

rivet-mkhtml Rivet.yoda:"Pythia8"