This package is a collection of navigation and manipulation routines for
operating on particle physics HepMC event records. These help to avoid some of
the more painful HepMC characteristics such as the high-verbosity iterator
syntax, and to classify, find, and remove particles and vertices from events.

All the MCUtils routines are currently inline functions in header files, making
it easy to embed these routines into other software -- in fact, they are
regularly synchronised with the ATLAS experiment's software repository, with a
change of namespace from "MCUtils" to "MC", so if you're working on ATLAS then
you should already have access to all these functions in Athena!

Since version 1.1.0 MCUtils is based on the similar HEPUtils header package:

Please get in touch with bug reports, suggestions/requests, ... and praise if
you like ;-)

Andy Buckley <>