Funky Web-based interface for exploring Professor interpolations, and 
outreach applications built on top of that technology.
For more info on Professor please visit:

/WebServer+Client includes an actual working code,
which can be downloaded and run as follows.

Use: just run, then go to   localhost:5000/   ,that's it.

Note that Professor has to be installed for a server bit to work.
Libraries used are: d3.js for data presentation and jQuery mobile for inputs styling.

/DataGeneration+Analyses includes files used for generating the data,
but they do not work as they are and need to be tailored to one's environment.
Note: generation uses Pythia8 with HepMC, analyses need Rivet to work.

For more specific info please read /WebServer+Client/WebAppDescription.txt
                               and /DataGeneration+Analyses/FilesDescription.txt