VectorBoolean / VectorBoolean / FBBezierContour.h

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//  FBBezierContour.h
//  VectorBoolean
//  Created by Andrew Finnell on 6/15/11.
//  Copyright 2011 Fortunate Bear, LLC. All rights reserved.

#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>

@class FBBezierCurve;
@class FBEdgeCrossing;

typedef enum FBContourInside {
} FBContourInside;

// FBBezierContour represents a closed path of bezier curves (aka edges). Contours
//  can be filled or represent a hole in another contour.
@interface FBBezierContour : NSObject<NSCopying> {
    NSMutableArray *_edges;
    NSRect _bounds;
    FBContourInside _inside;

// Methods for building up the contour. The reverse forms flip points in the bezier curve before adding them
//  to the contour. The crossing to crossing methods assuming the crossings are on the same edge. One of
//  crossings can be nil, but not both.
- (void) addCurve:(FBBezierCurve *)curve;
- (void) addCurveFrom:(FBEdgeCrossing *)startCrossing to:(FBEdgeCrossing *)endCrossing;
- (void) addReverseCurve:(FBBezierCurve *)curve;
- (void) addReverseCurveFrom:(FBEdgeCrossing *)startCrossing to:(FBEdgeCrossing *)endCrossing;

- (BOOL) containsPoint:(NSPoint)point;
- (void) markCrossingsAsEntryOrExitWithContour:(FBBezierContour *)otherContour markInside:(BOOL)markInside;

- (void) round;

@property (readonly) NSArray *edges;
@property (readonly) NSRect bounds;
@property (readonly) NSPoint firstPoint;
@property FBContourInside inside;
@property (readonly) NSArray *intersectingContours;