This README is for detailing how to play with Ice Tré, the app powering the image placement engine at RappersOnThe.Rocks.

Quick start

Have a Ruby environment ready to go, install bundler if you need it, then run 'bundle install'.

If you don't have Image Magick installed, you'll need that too.

From the project directory, run 'ruby ice_tre.rb' and go to localhost:4567 in your browser to see it.

If everything worked, you should see a page with a detailed explanation of how the URL scheme works and a form to play with different URL values to configure the image returned. Select 'Vanilla Ice', for example, to find yourself staring at a picture of Vanilla Ice holding two American Music Awards from a very dark time in our culture's history.

How do I use it?

You can just make a request to localhost:4567/help for a list of instructions. In brief:

The URL parameters are constructed as /rapper/width/height/color/percent/

  • the options for rapper are ice_cube, ice_t, and vanilla_ice
  • the options for width and height include any valid positive integer below 2560
  • the options for color include any valid hex web color without the pound sign in front of it
  • the options for percent include any positive integers up to 300
  • An example of a valid URL is /vanilla_ice/1024/768/ffffff/
  • Note: the trailing slash is optional

If you want to add more images, just drop a .png file with transparency into the images folder. Then use it in the URL arguments.

Contribution guidelines

  • clone it
  • make a pull request

Who do I talk to?

  • Andrew Neely - @ravinglogic