Generate mostly plausible names based on the 2009 US census. This looks at how
frequently a name occurs and geneates the first and last name independantly
based on that.

However, note that it doesn't know how frequently the first and last names
would usually appear together.

Contains the data files downloaded from:

There is a tool '' - which strips out the cumulative
stats and ranking in the data files, and produces a CSV file as output.
This is what Anonymic consumes on startup (and keeps in memory).

'' is a simple implementation of weighted random bucket
picking that is used to do the actual legwork.

'' is the command line tool that generates a number of
plausible names. Takes three arguments, the files containig first names
and their weights, the corresponding file with last names, and the number
of names to generate. For example:
./ data/female_first.csv data/male_first.csv data/last.csv 5

'' contains the flask webserver which serves up the web interface
to this - it also uses the 'templates' and 'static' directories.