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[wip] fixed some docs/comments glitches and wrapped one over79 line

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File sqlamp/__init__.py

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 class MPOptions(object):
-    A container for options for one tree.
+    A container for options for one tree table.
     :parameters: see :class:`MPManager`.
         # pathlen is set later, after creating a column object
         assert len(table.primary_key.columns) == 1, \
-               "Composite primary keys not supported"
+               "Composite primary keys are not supported"
         [self.pk_field] = table.primary_key.columns
         if parent_id_field is None:
             # Check field argument (one of `path_field`, `depth_field` and
             # `tree_id_field`), convert it from field name to `Column` object
             # if needed, create the column object if needed and check the
-            # existing `Column` object for sane.
+            # existing `Column` object for sanity.
             assert field
             if not isinstance(field, basestring):
                 assert isinstance(field, sqlalchemy.Column)
         self.path_field = _check_field('path', path_field,
                                        PathField, path_params)
         self.depth_field = _check_field('depth', depth_field, DepthField)
-        self.tree_id_field = _check_field('tree_id', tree_id_field, TreeIdField)
+        self.tree_id_field = _check_field('tree_id', tree_id_field,
+                                          TreeIdField)
         self.fields = (self.path_field, self.depth_field, self.tree_id_field)
         # Getting path length from the actual column length, no matter if