sqlamp /

#!/usr/bin/env python
`sqlamp` -- Materialized Path for SQLAlchemy

`sqlamp` is an implementation of an efficient algorithm for working
with hierarchical data structures -- `Materialized Path`. `sqlamp`
uses (and depends of) `SQLAlchemy <>`_.

`Materialized Path` is a way to store (and fetch) a trees in a relational
databases. It is the compromise between `Nested Sets` and `Adjacency
Relations` in respect to simplicity and efficiency. Method was promoted
by `Vadim Tropashko`_ in his book `SQL Design Patterns`_. Vadim's
description of the method can be read in his article `Trees in SQL:
Nested Sets and Materialized Path (by Vadim Tropashko)`_.

Implemented features:

    * Setting up with ``declarative.ext`` or without it.
    * Saving node roots -- if no parent set for node.
    * Saving child nodes -- if node has some parent. The whole dirty job
      of setting values in utility fields is done by `sqlamp`.
    * Fetching node's descendants, ancestors and children using the most
      efficient way available.
    * Autochecking exhaustion of tree size limits (maximum number of
      children and maximum nesting level) is done during session flush.
    * Rebuilding all trees and any subtree on the basis of Adjacency
    * Collapsing flat tree returned from query to recursive structure.
    * Node classes may use polymorphic inheritance.

Moving of nodes is not yet implemented.

Known-to-work supported DBMS include `sqlite`_ (tested with 3.6.14),
`MySQL`_ (tested using both MyISAM and InnoDB with server version 5.1.34)
and `PostgreSQL`_ (tested with 8.3.7), but sqlamp should work with any
other DBMS supported by SQLAlchemy.

.. _`Vadim Tropashko`:
.. _`Sql Design Patterns`:
.. _`Trees in SQL: Nested Sets and Materialized Path (by Vadim Tropashko)`:
.. _`sqlite`:
.. _`MySQL`:
.. _`PostgreSQL`:

    from setuptools import setup
except ImportError:
    from distutils.core import setup

version = "0.5.2"
url = ""

    description="sqlamp is an implementation of " \
                "Materialized Path for SQLAlchemy.",
    author='Anton Gritsay',
    download_url="%s/sqlamp-%s.tar.gz" % (url, version),
    install_requires=['SQLAlchemy >= 0.5'],

        'Development Status :: 3 - Alpha',
        'Environment :: Plugins',
        'Intended Audience :: Developers',
        'License :: OSI Approved :: BSD License',
        'Operating System :: OS Independent',
        'Programming Language :: Python',
        'Topic :: Database',
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