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sqlamp / CHANGES

0.6: released 2012-01-12
The most exciting things in 0.6 are the moving nodes feature, support
of SQLAlchemy 0.5, 0.6 and 0.7 as well as python 2.4 to 3.

Adding support of 0.7 required some backward-incompatible changes in public
API, from which the biggest one is inability to use :class:`MPClassManager`
instances as arguments for `order_by()`. If you use `query*` methods from
:class:`MPClassManager` and :class:`MPInstanceManager` you don't need
to worry --- query objects which come from there are properly ordered.
If you use old semantic like ``session.query(Node).order_by(Node.mp)``
you will need to convert such code to use :meth:`MPClassManager.query`,
like ``Node.mp.query(session)``.

Another similar change is that :func:`tree_recursive_iterator` doesn't reorder
the argument provided, so if you construct your queries by hand (which is not
recommended) --- make sure that they're properly ordered.

- Moving nodes support, see `Moving nodes`_.
- Custom path field length can now be used easily, see `Limits`_.
- :meth:`MPClassManager.rebuild_subtree` was dropped altogether in favor
  of real moving nodes API and real :meth:`maintenance
  <MPClassManager.rebuild_all_trees>` functionality.
- :meth:`MPClassManager.rebuild_all_trees` now accepts required session
  parameter. Original patch by Uriy Zhuravlev.
- Pickling and unpickling of node instances now works.
- Python branches 2.4 to 2.7 as well as python3 are supported now.
- :class:`MPClassManager` can not be used as an argument for `order_by()`.
  Instead use method :meth:`MPClassManager.query` for constructing queries.
- Method :meth:`MPClassManager.query_all_trees` was renamed
  to :meth:`~MPClassManager.query`. The old name still works though.
- :func:`tree_recursive_iterator` doesn't reorder query argument anymore.
- Added support of SQLAlchemy 0.7.2.
- Documentation was cleaned up and updated.
- Workaround for bug in sqlite 3.6.x (problems with binding two integer
  attributes). Initial patch by Josip Delic.

0.5.2: released 2010-09-19
- SQLAlchemy of versions 0.6.x is now supported as well as 0.5.x.
- :func:`tree_recursive_iterator` does not require python 2.6+
  anymore, python 2.5 is now fully supported.

0.5.1: released 2009-11-29
- ``mapper_extension`` property now removed from class manager,
  descriptor :class:`MPManager` returns it instead of class manager
  if the class is not mapped yet.
- Joined table inheritance now supported both in imperative and declarative
  ways: thanks to Laurent Rahuel for testing.

0.5: released 2009-09-05
This release contains some backward-incompatible changes in setup facilities.
The main highlights are support of ``declarative`` SQLAlchemy extension and
some cleaning up in :class:`MPManager`'s constructor options.

- Index name now includes table name as prefix so there is an
  ability to have two or more mp-driven tables in the same
- There is only one strictly required option for :class:`MPManager`
  now: the table object. ``pk_field`` option removed at all (can be safely
  determined from the table) and ``parent_id_field`` could be guessed
  for almost every simple table (if yours are not so simple you can provide
  this option as it was with 0.4.x).
- changed names of ``path_field``, ``depth_field`` and ``tree_id_field``
  parameters of :class:`MPManager`'s constructor: removed ``_name`` suffix:
  now the values can be column objects and they are not redefined
  if such a column exists already.

0.4.1: released 2009-07-16
- Fixed another bug in :meth:`MPClassManager.rebuild_all_trees`:
  tree_id and depth for root nodes were not updated. Method
  also was slightly optimized to do less queries.
- Small fixes in documentation.

0.4: released 2009-06-11
- Small fixes in documentation: actually Tropashko was not the
  first who introduced MP, he only promoted it.
- Implemented :meth:`MPClassManager.query_all_trees`.
- Fixed a bug of :meth:`MPClassManager.rebuild_all_trees` did not
  reset path for root nodes.
- Implemented :func:`tree_recursive_iterator`.
- Changed the value of path field for a root nodes. Previously
  they used to had ``'0' * steplen`` path and so first-level
  children gain ``'0' * steplen * 2``, but now new roots will
  have an empty string in their path field. This change should
  be backward-compatible as it touches only new trees. But
  if you want to have no difference between two identical old
  and new trees in your table you can rebuild all your trees
  by ``Node.mp.rebuild_all_trees()`` or use sql query like

     UPDATE <table> SET mp_path = substr(mp_path, <steplen> + 1);

  This will remove ``steplen`` characters from the beginning
  of each node's path. **Do not forget to backup your data!**

0.3: released 2009-05-23
The first public release.