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An implementation of Materialized Path for SQLAlchemy.


Requires SQLAlchemy >= 0.5. Known-to-work supported DBMS include sqlite (tested with 3.6.14), MySQL (tested using both MyISAM and InnoDB with server version 5.1.34) and PostgreSQL (tested with 8.3.7), but sqlamp should work with any other DBMS supported by SQLAlchemy.


Feel free to email author directly to send bugreports, feature requests, patches, etc.


To install type as usual:

python setup.py install

Or drop sqlamp directory somewhere in your PYTHONPATH.


Documentation for last released version is available online: http://sqlamp.angri.ru. Alternatively you can build and view a full documentation from project source code by doing make html in doc dir and opening the result _build/html/index.html file in your browser.

Package Contents

documentation index in rst-format, can be built using makefile included.
source code of the project.
unittests for sqlamp.


sqlamp is licensed under 2-clause BSD license, see LICENSE for more details.

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