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Zine Changelog

This file lists the major changes between the Zine releases.

Zine 0.2

(Codename yet to be chosen; Release date yet unknown)

- Themes can specify the number of items they want to have on a
  tag/category/author post listing.
- Themes have now control over the complexity of SQL queries sent.
  They can defer the loading of columns and lazily load relations
  to disable loading of unnecessary data.

Zine 0.1.3

(Bugfix release)

- The pingback system skips already pinged URLs now to speed things up.
- Fixed pingback support.
- Fixed the author feed.

Zine 0.1.2

(Bugfix release)

- `zine.importers.rewrite_import` properly accepts a string as first
  argument now.
- Fixed the config page for `ascii_slugs`.  Ticking/unticking the
  checkbox resulted in an internal server error.
- fixed a bug in the WordPress importer with comment dates.
- fixed a bug in the ZXA exporter.  Among other things tag exporting
  did not work properly.
- importer no longer creates new users if a user was selected in the
- fixed importing of ZXA feeds with tags.
- improved importing of ZXA feeds (importers import the correct
  syntax instead of HTML now)
- fixed wrong content type exporting in ZXA feeds.
- fixed bug in tag-cloud query.  Too many items were counted for
  each tag.
- fixed tag Atom feed.
- Atom feeds for the index now only contain posts of the types for
  the index page as configured.
- added Brazilian Portuguese translation.
- Fixed the bug that made it impossible to set the slug to the
  publication defined on new entry creation.
- ZEML handles newlines in elements properly now.
- optimized some queries.
- Under some circumstances text after elements appered multiple times
  in ZEML.
- the information export page strips confidental information in database
  URIs now (passwords).
- the text parser no longer supports images and youtube links for security
  and sanity reasons.
- Fixed a bug where changing the comment parser did not trigger the parsing.
- Fixed some display bugs in the admin panel for webkit.

Zine 0.1.1

(Bugfix release; Released December 29th 2008)

- Fixed a bug that caused the akismet plugin not to work.
- Fixed an infinite-recursion error if a language was selected in the
  config that is not available.
- Fixed a bug that caused problems in the pingback system.
- Added Russian translation
- Improved German translation.
- Fixed a problem with slugs that consisted only of non-ascii letters.
- Fixed various problems if the blog was mounted outside of the URL root.

Zine 0.1

(Codename Aldus; Released December 24th 2008)

- initial release