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 **Overlay installation manual**
+We are now in  layman repository list.
 1. Check that layman is compiled with *mercurial* and *git* support. 
 2. If it doesn't - run: "USE="mercurial git" emerge -av layman".
-3. Run: "layman -o -a nashedelo" ;
+3. Run: "layman -a nashedelo" ;
 4. Then run: "layman -S" ;
 5. And finally: "eix-update" .
 6. Thats all!
-In order to avoid those steps to be performed every time you update the Layman, just add 
-"" to /etc/layman/layman.cfg
-under *"overlays :"* section. Than run "layman -L" to be shure it has discovered the repo.
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