The BaconBox engine

Version: Development snapshot

What is the BaconBox Engine?

The BaconBox Engine is a 2D engine designed to run on every major platform. BaconBox was greatly inspired by the well known Flixel and Unity engines. The goal was to mix the cool stuff the popular engines had and smooth out some of the rough edges. There is still more to come for this engine; it is still in its infancy.

More detailed informations are available on the BaconBox Engine website.

Getting help

For any help, you can go to the website, which is the documentation website or you can use our forums and make your mark in the community.

When you find a bug with our engine or anything we do, you should post a bug report on our bug tracker.

License informations

For license details about BaconBox, see the wiki or the license.txt file.

More details

How to use

The BaconBox engine is a library that is compiled and then used as the framework for game development. You might need to lookt at a BaconBoxApp project to know more about how to use this.

This project is more aimed at the porters, builders and hackers of The BaconBox Engine.

Project structure

CMake/                ->  Contains files needed by CMake.
    configureScript/  ->  Contains special configure scripts called by the
                          main configure script depending on the passed 
    module/           ->  Contains custom modules for CMake
    toolchain/        ->  Contains custom CMake toolchains
ide/                  ->  Static IDE projects.
libraries/            ->  The dependencies for The BaconBox Engine are there,
                          They are built using libbuildtool.
meta/                 ->  The Doxygen config file and the generated 
                          documentation goes right there
BaconBox/               ->  The BaconBox Engine sources
CMakeLists.txt        ->  Main Cmake script
configure             ->  Main configure script, it calls cmake with the 
                          right arguments depending on the passed arguments
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