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Changed some stuff in Positionable to be able to overload getPositionCenter().

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 	float Positionable::getXPositionCenter() const {
-		return getXPosition() + getWidth() * 0.5f;
+		return getPositionCenter().x;
 	float Positionable::getYPositionCenter() const {
-		return getYPosition() + getHeight() * 0.5f;
+		return getPositionCenter().y;
 	const Vector2 Positionable::getCentroid() const {
-		return Vector2(getXPosition() + getWidth() * 0.5f, getYPosition() + getHeight() * 0.5f);
+		return getPositionCenter();
 	float Positionable::getXCentroid() const {


 		 * Gets the body's center's position.
 		 * @return 2D vector containing the body's center's position.
-		const Vector2 getPositionCenter() const;
+		virtual const Vector2 getPositionCenter() const;
 		 * Gets the body's center's horizontal position.
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