Map Editor 0.1.3 README

Copyright (c) 2013 Westley Martínez. All rights reserved.

Map Editor is designed to be mostly language and library agnostic. The maps are saved as JSON data and do not contain any actual image data. Image loading is left to the developer to do as they see fit.

Note that this program should be considered alpha. Features may be added or removed and the API may change significantly in the future.


The program is portable. The editor can be run simply with:



python mapeditor.pyw

The software requires Python 3.x with support for Tk. One should always execute the script in the directory it resides. The editor saves files as an 'animap' (Anikom Map, if one must ask) which is, in fact, a JSON file.

The program is also bundled with another script called This is an example. Bundled along with it is the map file it uses (example.animap), and the GIF images (in data/pixmaps/tiles). The example requires the Pygame library in addition to Python.

For using the "API", one should simply copy the file into their own project directory. This may change to a traditional installation method in the future. The mapeditor.pyw file does not need to be distributed with programs that utilize animaps. Please also include a copy of the MIT license with the file. You must not remove the copyright notice from either the license or any source files you redistribute.

What's New

For a detailed history of changes, please read NEWS.

The map loading bug has been fixed. This involves a slight change to the ANIMAP format. If you have used 0.1.0, please read example.animap to see what needs to be changed.

PNGs will now show up in the palette for versions of Tkinter that support the format.

Various fixes for the palette have been applied. These are mostly cosmetic, but the palette's scrollbar now works correctly.

Fixes for loading tile sheets have been applied. Scrolling with the map and placing tiles now works correctly. Blue tiles are now drawn under all objects so that tiles with transparency show it clearly.


As of yet the only documentation available is in this README and some comments found in For detailed questions, please contact the author. More complete documentation will be added as the API matures.

Reporting Bugs and Feature Requests

You can report bugs and request new features at the website at the bottom of this README. To the make the process easier on everyone, please include as much information as possible, including the operating system, Python version (and the versions of any related libraries), a detailed description of the bugs behaviour, and possibly a set of steps to reproduce or a test script that demonstrates the bug.

This software is released under the MIT License. Please read LICENSE for details.


Benevolent Dictator -- Westley Martínez