gevent / doc /

from sphinx.ext.autodoc import cut_lines
from sphinx.ext import intersphinx
from docutils import nodes

noisy = False
message_cache = set()

def missing_reference(app, env, node, contnode):
    """Search the index for missing references.
    For example, resolve :class:`Event` to :class:`Event <gevent.event.Event>`"""
    # XXX methods and functions resolved by this function miss their ()

    if intersphinx.missing_reference(app, env, node, contnode) is not None:
        # is there a better way to give intersphinx a bigger priority?

    env = app.builder.env

    type = node['reftype']
    target = node['reftarget']
    modname = node['modname']
    classname = node['classname']

    if modname and classname:

    def new_reference(refuri, reftitle):
        newnode = nodes.reference('', '')
        newnode['refuri'] = refuri
        newnode['reftitle'] = reftitle
        newnode['class'] = 'external-xref'
        msg = 'Resolved missing-reference: :%5s:`%s` -> %s' % (type, target, refuri)
        if msg not in message_cache:
            print msg
        return newnode

    #print [type, target, modname, classname]

    for docname, items in env.indexentries.iteritems():
        if noisy:
            print docname
        for (i_type, i_string, i_target, i_aliasname) in items:
            if noisy:
                print '---', [i_type, i_string, i_target, i_aliasname]
            if i_aliasname.endswith(target):
                stripped_aliasname = i_aliasname[len(docname):]
                if stripped_aliasname:
                    assert stripped_aliasname[0] == '.', repr(stripped_aliasname)
                    stripped_aliasname = stripped_aliasname[1:]
                    if stripped_aliasname == target:
                        if noisy:
                            print '--- found %s %s in %s' % (type, target, i_aliasname)
                        return new_reference(docname + '.html#' + i_aliasname, i_aliasname)

    if type == 'mod':
        modules = [x for x in env.indexentries.keys() if x.startswith('gevent.')]
        target = 'gevent.' + target
        if target in modules:
            return new_reference(target + '.html', target)

def setup(app):
    app.connect('missing-reference', missing_reference)
    app.connect('autodoc-process-docstring', cut_lines(2, what=['module']))