Atarashii MAL API

This software is an unofficial API for the MyAnimeList website built on the
Symfony PHP framework.

Due to a poor official API that offers spotty coverage, the need exists for
something that offers more features in a REST-ful manner.

The API "1.0" version tries, where possible, to offer the same interface as
provided by the unofficial MyAnimeList API.
Please review COMPATIBILITY for a list of differences.



Installation and Configuration

Note: If you want to try out the API, or develop against a fully working
environment, a configuration for Vagrant is provided. Please see VAGRANT for

You will need Composer to set up the project.

Additionally, you will need to get a user agent whitelisted with MyAnimeList.
See this forum topic for
information on what to do.

Once downloaded, run composer install in the root directory to install the
Symfony components and configure the core application parameters.

You can either run the application on PHP's built-in web server or configure it
as an application on a full web server.

For the built-in server, run php app/console server:run. If you configure on a
web server, set the document root as the web directory.


Please see CONTRIBUTING for details.


This code was inspired by the Unofficial MAL API by Chu Yeow.

It makes use of the following major components:

This project is not sponsored by, endorsed by, or affiliated with MyAnimeList, a
property of MyAnimeList, LLC.


The Atarashii MAL API is Copyright © 2015 Ratan Dhawtal and Michael Johnson. It
is licensed under the Apache Public License 2.0.