PG-Trajectory can be added to any PostGIS-enabled database. Use the PSQL shell to install PG-Trajectory as follows:

  1. Open a PSQL shell to your PostGIS-enabled database (mine is called geolife):

    C:\path\to\pg-trajectory> & 'C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\9.4\bin\psql.exe' -d geolife -U postgres
  2. Run the install script:

    geolife-# \i install.sql
  3. Now you can switch to PgAdmin and create a first test table:

    CREATE TABLE taxi_ride (id INTEGER PRIMARY KEY, from_loc TEXT, to_loc TEXT, traj Trajectory);
    INSERT INTO taxi_ride (id, from_loc, to_loc, traj) 
    VALUES (1, 'LA', 'NYC', 
        ROW('2017-12-03 00:00:00'::timestamptz,POINT(1,2))::tg_pair, 
        ROW('2017-12-03 00:01:00'::timestamptz,POINT(3,6))::tg_pair, 
        ROW('2017-12-03 00:02:00'::timestamptz,POINT(6,8))::tg_pair
  4. You can access trajectory attributes as follows:

    SELECT id, from_loc, to_loc, (traj).s_time, (traj).e_time, (traj).geom_type, st_astext((traj).bbox) 
    FROM taxi_ride 
    WHERE from_loc = 'LA' ;