MASTURB/IX v1.0 by Nick the Dick  (c) Sep 2001

       	Inspired from MASTURB.EXE by the same author  

       	Programming                        :    Christos Ricudis, A. Kanavouras
       	Original MASTURB.EXE Programming   :    Christos Ricudis
       	Original penis artwork             :    Tony Porias
       	Send comments to masturb@paiko.gr

The game is very simple. Masturbate the penis with the keys 
P (up) and L (down) and cum into the hole. You cum when the status 
bar on the screen, reaches the end of the line. If you have played 
the original MASTURB.EXE, you'll notice that this version is harder, 
as the general population is more proficient on masturbation since 

I had lost the original Turbo C MASTURB.EXE source code, written 
sometime around 1995. I remember I hesitated to put my name on it, 
so I released it as 'Nick the Dick'. Years after, I looked hard to 
find even a copy of the original MASTURB.EXE binary, when, by sheer
luck, a friend of mine showed me a similar program of his[1], inspired by
the original MASTURB.EXE, not knowing that I was the original author.

For historic reasons, the original MASTURB.EXE is also provided with
this archive, in file MASTURB.ZIP. 

Please don't judge our code writing ability from /this/ piece of code :>.

[1] This DOS game writen in QBASIC has a similar gameplay and can be found
    at http://www.exares.gr/delirium/mking.exe