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Anny: Juliese


First performed live @ ODI Leeds, 29th April 2016.

Listen to Juliese on Bandcamp (though IMO this live version is better)


juliese.scd is a simple SuperCollider startup file to configure audio routing and load project samples.

juliese.tidal is the full Juliese composition for Tidal Cycles.

samples.csv contains sample attributions. All samples are available in samples/ directory.


The main juliese.tidal reflects the original composition, and includes 'initial states' of the various patterns used with notes on what should be changed and when. New patterns are prefaced with a comment like -- @something declaring its 'key' for reference.

In the snippets/ directory are yasnippet-compatible snippet files reflecting these references, and additionally a julsetup snippet (which contains the project setup) and a juliese snippet that provides a convenient list of all project snippets.

For easy loading and use in emacs Tidal, copy or symlink the snippets into a haskell-mode major group in one of your snippet folders.


  • Source code: CC-BY-SA
  • Samples: see origins of sample attributions for individual licenses