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Anny FM: Pig's Nose EP


Originally recorded at home in Elephant & Castle, 5th April 2014. Released on Fwonk* as FW132.

Listen to Pig's Nose EP on Bandcamp


pigs-nose.scd is a simple SuperCollider startup file to configure audio routing and load project samples.

pigs-nose.tidal is the full Pig's Nose EP composition for Tidal Cycles.

samples.csv contains sample attributions. All samples are available in samples/ directory.


The main pigs-nose.tidal reflects the original composition, and includes 'initial states' of the various patterns used with notes on what should be changed and when. New patterns are prefaced with a comment like -- @something declaring its 'key' for reference.

In the snippets/ directory are yasnippet-compatible snippet files reflecting these references, and additionally a pnsetup snippet (which contains the project setup) and a pigsnose snippet that provides a convenient list of all project snippets.

For easy loading and use in emacs Tidal, copy or symlink the snippets into a haskell-mode major group in one of your snippet folders.


  • Source code: CC-BY-SA
  • Samples: see origins of sample attributions for individual licenses